awards show

2015 Golden Globe Awards


The Golden Globes, for me, is the rehearsal dinner to the wedding that is The Academy Awards, and yet, I prepped with red wine and red velvet cupcakes as I watched the Red Carpet. It matters, but it’s sloppier, shorter, and, lest we forget, it includes television. I haven’t seen all the nominees, so I won’t be writing about those that should or shouldn’t have won; rather, let’s break down everything else.

The Fashion: Kerry Washington looked fabulous, as did Adrien Brody. Lupita Nyong’o might’ve been my favorite, though, and her glasses, which I didn’t know she wore, made it even better. Shout out to Wes Anderson’s perfectly crooked bow tie and Prince’s cane/microphone. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez presented (was it a promotion of The Boy Next Door?) in a dress that made my chest hurt, and I was thrilled when co-presenter Jeremy Renner referenced that she “got the globes.” Someone had to say it. Best in Worst Show goes to Jane Fonda, in a red bit that seemed to be held together with Saran Wrap and red barrettes.

The Tone: This year felt different. There were exciting wins, and we could debate whether or not it should be exciting that there were awards earned by Transparent, Jane the Virgin, The Normal Heart, and more, but it is important to remember that it’s 2015, and the ground is still breaking for countless people and their stories. While I was thrilled with some nominations, and some wins, many actions and words reminded me, and I’m sure countless viewers, that things are far from fine. I would love to play this show to a new generation years from now, remove the date, and ask them when this show premiered. The cracks regarding North Korea and comments about Ferguson, George Clooney’s “Je Suis Charlie” button proudly worn on his jacket as he accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award, Amy Adam’s referencing the “loud voice” of women, and Maggie Gyllenhaal praising the “roles for actual women in film and television”… I felt backwards watching it. Thirty-five minutes in, HFPA’s President Theo Kingma vouched for freedom of speech “from North Korea to Paris” and evoked a standing ovation. It makes awards shows and red velvet cupcakes seem so silly, and reminds me there’s a lot of good still needing to be done.

The Quotes:

“It took me three hours today to prepare for my role as human woman.” -Tina Fey

“You can say anything in the world and get in trouble. I know this as a fact.” -Billy Bob Thornton, before he quickly exited with his award.

“Two things I said I wasn’t gonna do– cry and air-quotes.” -Michael Keaton

The Rest: I found Tina and Amy (the hosts) dresses clashing, and Ricky Gervais’ jokes funnier. I was shocked to learn Nurse Jackie is still going. There was a commercial for Crispy M&Ms so you better believe I’ll be running to the store tomorrow looking for that lime green package. We all do want to be a “FOG” (Friend of George [Clooney]). Oprah Winfrey was shown so many times you’d think this program was shown on OWN, not NBC. Best Motion Picture Winner, Boyhood, will be in Redbox soon, but I’m holding tight for Tyler Perry’s Girl, I Thought You Were Gone— Tina and Amy really got my hopes up. 


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