awards show

2016 Golden Globe Awards


Watching the Golden Globes is like walking into a party far too late and the friend you were supposed to meet there has bailed and half of the people at the party are speaking pure gibberish. It’s chaotic and full of winks and nods, and in this absurdity Ricky Gervais shines. Beyond Gervais’ hosting, the theme of the night seemed to be “I really didn’t think I would win,” as many winners proclaimed, and for some I nodded along. Scattered thoughts below. 48 more days till the Oscars folks.

The Presenters: Immediately we have a long, 21 Jump Street reunion with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the bear from The Revenant because why not? I like to imagine JLo and The Rock planned ahead to wear jewel tones. America Ferrera and Eva Longoria had the greatest (and refreshingly entertaining) pre-award presenting banter. I would’ve loved the In Memoriam performance Andy Samberg pitched, and I’m confused why Kate Hudson was wearing a choker in 2016. Please, do not let chokers resurface.

The Awards: Kate Winslet, why are you surprised? Quentin Tarantino accepting Enni Morricone’s award for Best Score makes me want Tarantino to host any award show ever. Jon Hamm winning (again!) for Mad Men only made me sad because it reminded me there’ll never be any more nominations for Mad Men. Mad Men Mad Men Mad Men. Anomalisa didn’t win? But Sylvester Stallone winning for Best Supporting Actor, receiving a standing ovation, and saying “I wanna thank Rocky Balboa, the greatest friend I ever had” was goose-bump inducing. In other wonderful quotes, a Marilyn-styled Lady Gaga won and instantly said, “I feel like Cher in that John Patrick Shanley movie… Moonstruck” and I thought my heart was going to burst. Moonstruck can never die. Let The Martian win its awards while its considered a comedy, amirite? Leo pronounces “adaptation” strangely, but he won! He really won!

Cecil B. DeMille Award: As if Denzel Washington winning this isn’t exciting enough, there was a mini Philadelphia moment when Tom Hanks introduced it. Cue fabulous career reel. In a Hollywood film class I took in the UK, we spent weeks on Denzel. They adore him. I can only imagine how stoked they were watching those few minutes. His speech…? Focus on that reel again.

Etc: Theo Kingma, President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, looks like Gru. Queen Latifah saying, “Whaaat?” in response to Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer being themselves was all of us, as was Alan Cumming’s look of gleeful horror as Gervais and Mel Gibson interacted. Watching the preview of Trainwreck made me realize of anyone in that movie, Lebron should’ve gotten a nod. Are there PVC pipes on the stage? A commercial break began with Jane Fonda rubbing Terrence Howard’s head, so if that’s not tabloid fodder I’m not sure what it. I perfected a Moscow Mule, finally.


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