Earlier this week I pledged to participate in #52FilmsByWomen, a challenge brought about by Women in Film encouraging people to watch one film made by a woman a week for a year. In light of the Oscar nominations, I was even more excited to begin. In 2015, just 9% of top grossing films were directed by women. And that’s an improvement from 2014. The celluloid ceiling is real, and daunting, but in a small way, viewing films made by women may remind the Hollywood powers at be that eyes are on, and care about, this work. Sad, isn’t it?

Rather than writing a review for all 52 (I plan on watching films beyond this challenge as well), I will continue to update my list here, for anyone who’s curious, wants to participate, or is up for discussions when his or her favorite comes up! Any film directed by a woman is fair game, and recommendations are more than welcome.

Week 1: Jenny’s Wedding, directed (and written) by Mary Agnes Donoghue. Catch it on Netflix.
Week 2: Advantageous, directed (and co-written) by Jennifer Phang. Available on Netflix.
Week 3: The Diary of a Teenage Girl, directed (and written) by Marielle Heller. Currently in Redbox.
Week 4: Sleeping with Other People, directed (and written) by Leslye Headland. Watched it on a plane, but it’s also in Redbox.
Week 5: Take This Waltz, directed (and written) by Sarah Polley. Available on Netflix.
Week 6: Fantastic Lies, directed by Marina Zenovich. It’s an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary available online.
Week 7: The Intern, directed (and written) by Nancy Meyers. Available in Redbox and on Delta flights, for now.
Week 8: Fish Tank, directed (and written) by Andrea Arnold. Available on Netflix.


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