awards show

2017 Golden Globe Awards


Did we expect this year’s Golden Globe host, Jimmy Fallon, to make exceptional political commentary? No. Did we expect him to make us laugh? 100%. And while his limited jokes were a wide range of smirk and laugh-out-loud worthy, his La La Land-inspired opening was flawless. It made reminiscing on 2016 ridiculously gleeful, even the heartbreaking (media-speaking) portions: shoutout to Barb. From there the show was the GG we’ve learned to love – actors awkwardly climbing over other people to give rushed speeches, hushed murmurs the entire show, painful hug attempts. We can be glad it’s over, and excited to let the countdown to Oscar Night – February 26th – begin.

The Presenters
Okay, not a presenter, but it was fun to see Questlove as DJ on stage. Even better was seeing DJ JLD. This time each year I’m reminded of how adorable Lorenzo Soria is. Dev Patel alongside Lion co-star Sunny Pawar distracted my small viewing party, not to mention all of the GG audience. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn “presenting” was a clear reminder not to see Snatched, while Steve Carell (and Kristin Wiig) made me want to binge even more of The Office and trust me – enough of that was done this snow weekend. Matt Damon also got some well-deserved laughs for reminding us that he won Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for The Martian. Anyone else still, unfortunately, have “Chastain and the Redmayne” stuck in his/her head?

The Fashion
Shoulders were out to play this year – what’s it even called when a Bardot dress has straps? Regardless, Drew Barrymore owned the trend, while Kristen Bell and Daisy Ridley were my main faves. And Donald Glover’s suit? Fantastic. Honorable mention goes to John Lithgow’s glasses.

The Winners
Sarah Paulson (and, let’s face it, her dress too) was a great, early win for The People v. O.J. Simpson. Everyone deserves co-workers that look at them proudly like Denzel looks at Viola. La La Land should not have won Best Screenplay, and honestly, did it truly deserve winning each award that it did? Damien Chazelle was quick to remind us (twice) how hard it was to make his “modern movie musical,” though these awards aren’t for defeating difficulty. And if Land was so difficult… what does that make its remarkable competitors in the “Drama” category? We’ll see what the Academy has to say.

Huge, grateful round of applause to Meryl Streep (introduced beautifully by Viola Davis) for her Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech. I don’t care that Mamma Mia! was played far too much before she spoke, or that her “Hollywood, Foreign, Press” joke got more laughs than Hugh’s. The start was exploitative (even creepy?), and a Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech is bound to be contrived. But with her precious time, Streep spoke about issues that are far more important than trophies for television and film, and in a way that was incredibly poised.


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